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RemortgageThe industry refers to switching mortgage deals as a remortgage. We like to think of it as mortgage optimisation.

Is your mortgage deal coming to an end and would you like to know which lenders will offer the best mortgage rates?  You’ve come to the right place. 

At Venoa we’ve invested heavily to ensure our processes save you the most amount of time.  It takes on average 1-2 hours for an initial call to a mortgage lender to establish if you can proceed with a mortgage application.  If you can proceed, there’s very little guarantee the lender will offer you a mortgage.  And what about all the follow up calls!  Realistically do you have the time to do that? 

We can help save you a huge amount of time and stress.  An initial call with ourselves lasts on average 20-30 minutes.  Within 24 hours you will have access to 95 lenders and thousands of mortgage deals.  The best part, we don’t charge brokerage fees!  

See below our remortgage process:

  • Initial Call – This is for us to understand your situation in detail, what your intentions are and for you get a feel about us as a business.
  • Pre-Approval – We then get to work analysing 95 lenders.  You will receive an email detailing the best mortgage rates within 24 hours of speaking with us.  
  • Structuring Your New Mortgage – We will spend as much time as we need together to make sure the structure of your new deal fits exactly what your current and future intentions are.  We will also discuss the current economic state, both domestically and globally, as this impacts the direction of interest rates.  Based on these two conversations, you will be have all the information you need to decide how long you would be comfortable fixing your mortgage for. 

For more information regarding what mortgage deals are available for you, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a call.


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Buying a Home

Looking to buy a propertyBuying a home is one of the most stressful things you can do in life.  We can help make the process from start to finish as easy for you as possible.  

We will spend the necessary time with you to establish not just the best mortgage rates, but also how much you can borrow, what the cost of stamp duty is, negotiating tips when dealing with estate agents and can recommend solicitors who will help you with the legal side of the transaction.  

Check out our process below and please feel to arrange a call to see exactly how we can help you.

This is our process:

Initial Call – This is for us to understand your situation in detail, what you are looking to do and for you to get a feel about us as a company.

• Pre-Approval – We then get to work analysing 95 lenders criteria to establish who will offer you the best mortgage rates.  You then receive an email from us with all your options within 24 hours of our initial call.  

Property Viewings – Armed with all the information you need, including the maximum amount you can borrow, how much your monthly payments will be, the cost of stamp duty, solicitor costs and anything else you require, you can then start making offers on property which you wish you purchase.  

Negotiating – If you need help in regards to negotiating a good price or wish you run by us your strategy, please do.  We are here to help in all ways we can.  

Offer Accepted – Your offer on a property is accepted.  It’s back to us.  We will review the market again to ensure you still have the best mortgage rate.  Then we start preparing your application and will have this submitted without delay.

Mortgage Offer – Typically 2-4 weeks following submission of your application your mortgage offer will be issued. We’ll send you a copy, you will also receive a copy in the post as well your solicitor.  At this time you can instruct your solicitor to proceed with exchanging contracts to purchase your new home and set a completion date for the purchase.

  • Keys – Completion date occurs, you get the keys and we at Venoa will wish all the success with your new home.  

To find out more about our process or what mortgage deals are available to you please feel free to get in touch to arrange a call at a suitable time for you.

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Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Property Investment

You can still make money in property even in the current climate.  Brexit has put the breaks on property values increasing and the global economy is slowing.  This brings with it opportunities for intelligent investors.  

The Buy to Let mortgage market is very complex.  We spend a huge amount of time keeping up to date with criteria at both high street and specialist broker Buy to Let lenders.  As a result we can offer you the correct advice in how to structure your Buy to Let mortgage and which lenders you will offer you the best deals. 

This is our process: 

  • Initial Call – Firstly we will have an initial call with yourself.  The purpose of which is to understand your situation and goals.  And for you to get a feel about us as a business.
  • Ownership Structure – We will explain the two Buy to Let ownership structures and would recommend you seek independent tax advice to establish which would be more tax efficient for you. 
  • Pre-Approval – Within 24 hours of our initial call you will receive the best Buy to Let mortgage rates in your inbox.
  • Appropriateness – Crunch the numbers yourself or lets do it together. This is a critical part of the initial process before you start looking for a Buy to Let property.  It will arm you with the tools for deciding whether a property you find is a worthwhile investment or not.
  • Property Found – You’ve calculated the numbers which includes, the deposit requirement, stamp duty cost, rental yield and return on investment.  Everything looks good and your offer on a property has been accepted.  Get back in touch with us and we will once again review the Buy to Let rates to ensure what we’ve recommended is still the best deal for you.  Then we prepare and submit your application.  2-4 weeks later your mortgage offer is issued.

We can help with all your Buy to Let needs.  Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.

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Specialist Lending Solutions

Specialist lending solutions such as secured loans, bridging finance, commercial finance, adverse mortgages, expat mortgages and mortgages for those over 55 are all becoming more and more popular.

We specialise in all these areas and can help you secure the finance or mortgage you require.  Our process is simple.  We need just 20-30 minutes of your time to understand you and what you would like to do.  We then get to work analysing the market and within 24 hours will feedback to you what options are available. 

If you would like more information regarding any of the lending solutions above please feel free to get in touch.

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