Venoa The Specialist Mortgage Broker Based In Hedge End

What makes us different?

Before our inception we contacted professional contractors, IT & management consultants, project & programme managers, self-employed individuals, accountants, tax-advisers and solicitors.  We asked them what they expected from an organisation providing advice.

This is what they said:

  1. A seamless and quick experience.
  1. Dealing with someone who really knows what they are talking about, is up to speed with the latest products from across the whole market and someone who understands the clients’ needs.
  1. Good communication skills, friendly and the ability to explain complex things easily.
  1. Someone who can offer suitable solutions and identify other solutions which the client may have missed.
  1.  Someone who understands the BTL market and can explain the tax differences between the different financing solutions, therefore offering an end to end advice path.
  1. Ability to make contact through many channels: phone, email, text, LinkedIn, and an SLA of replying within 2 hours during office hours.
  1. Easy to use platform, to avoid sending personal data via email or post.
  1. Low brokerage fees.
  1. Transparency, honesty and integrity. They have to instil confidence in the advice which they provide.
  1. Someone who makes regular contact, regardless if there are updates or not.
  1. They should dedicate the time to providing advice and ensure that their advice is understood.
  1. Someone with a track record of dealing with the majority of lenders, who has built a sound reputation with them, to ensure an application goes through smoothly.
  1. Technical knowledge, not just around lender criteria but also around what else the lenders may be willing to do which they are not advertising. If an individual’s circumstances do not fit the standard criteria, is there a way forward to secure that very competitive deal?
  1. Must understand the holistic position of the client and advise accordingly.

We understand the power of personal recommendations

All of the above we have ingrained into our culture here at Venoa. We promise to deliver on all these areas. Our aim is for you to become a fan of our business and for you to rave about us to others. We understand the power of personal recommendations and will strive to ensure we do everything we can so that you can help us prosper.

All questions are important; don’t feel anything is too small to ask.

Give us a call on  01489 664 900 and we will tell you over the phone very quickly if we can help.

Meet the Team



I’m the Founder and CEO of Venoa.  I have over 10 years’ experience in financial services.  I’m a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, whose aim is to build public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients obtain lending to purchase their new homes, saved countless thousands of pounds on their existing deals and helped many to build their property portfolios.

2018 was the deciding year to either stay employed or take the plunge and build a new life for myself and family.

I decided to jump.



My background was in care where I have about 18 years’ experience. I have worked with children and then I went onto working with adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

I was drawn to this sector as I felt I wanted to make a difference and help others.  The work itself was very challenging at times, the rewards though far outweighed these.

For 6 years I was a Deputy Service manager where I managed large staff teams and also helped the company set up new services. I left to go on maternity leave and now I’m venturing out into a new sector with Jonathan.  And I’m so excited about the future and building something for our boys.

Want to arrange a call?

Get in touch on 01489 664 900 or via our enquiries form

So what’s in it for us?

We embarked on this journey with one simple goal in mind: to free ourselves from the shackles of working for someone else.  We’re very fortunate to have been able to set up our business and haven’t looked back since.  

Over many years, Nicki and I discussed what we would do and how we could help others.  It become clear that with our combined skill set, we could start a business.  Which, over time, would become successful.  For you reading this, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and starting a business yourself, 100% do it.

We are both very excited about the possibilities Venoa is bringing, and how that will translate into our personal lives and those of our clients.  We’re hard at work, building a rapport that we anticipate will result in long-lasting relationships. 

Our motivation is very clear.  Every day, we work harder and harder to provide the highest level of advice, combined with the highest level of service, which we hope exceeds your expectations.  

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